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Hey! I just started duel links and i'm faced to a dilemma, I need your advices : My primary idea was to have Cyber Angel's deck. But when i saw how difficult it was to have (i spend 1000 gems) i decice to buy abyss encouter's box. Then i choose to take Alien's deck (which was 1 tier at this moment), i almost complete the deck (btw i'm so dissapointed that it become 2 tier...) Nevermind, on what deck should i spend my precious gems? Sylvan? Or should i try again to have cyber angel's deck? Masked heroes ? I just want having fun when i'm playing (and if it possible beautiful cards) and of course win the more i can do I hope this text wasn't too long... And I'm sorry if i misspoken, i'm a french girl [for moderators : thank you for this amaaazing site, u really help me ! )
Please refrain from spending ur gems on the most expensive deck of all time ( so no CA! Unless u r a rich ****). But if u want to go competitive and take part in meta then firstly try the f2ps such as aromage , golden flying fish or aliens. But if u have ur eyes set on reaching a perk on pvp i argue u spend ur gems on sylvans ( which u didnt and will take a long time to complete the deck).
So u r in an ugly mid position . So let me rectify it for u .if You have spent a considerable amt on abyss then please go for golden flying fish and a semi ssa deck, they r GOOD.( And plz get mako). If u want to have fun just do what ur heart wants!
Since when french name their kids japanese names? Really OP u r not lyin are u?
-pretty cheap (~6 sr)
-super helmet (komushroomo pass)

Masked heroes:
-much more expensive (~6 sr, 3-5 ur, in-app purchases)
-weak to backrow, pretty aggressiv

-actually more expensive/harder to build then sylvans (3 sr, 3 ur assuming brethren is what makes them tier 1 and the currently unobtainable pulse mines)
-fun to play if you're into control decks + rogueish feel
<< Anonymous
-THE grind
-dies to e-con (internally)
Aromage is a great idea, especially if you're looking for beautiful cards. You can find the Aromage cards at the Card Trader. Also I don't see why you couldn't make a cheap CA deck instead. It might hurt not having 2~3 Senju, but all of the core CA cards can be gotten from Alexis. (Stuff like Saffira are optional.)
But if you ask me what to do, I'd say just go and complete your Alien deck and give it a try. Having a deck you can play is better than having no decks at all. You might accidentally get enough cards for a Flying Fish deck too, and maybe get a head-start for a Sea Stealth Attack deck.
<< Anonymous(Bergamot)
Ahah no i'm not rich unfortunatly !
Yeah i think i'll choose between ssa and sylvans :)
<< Anonymous(Bergamot)
Thanks! I had thought to ssa too :)
Just...when do we meet Mako ?
<< Anonymous
It's my nickmane (i like manga is it barred for european people?),plus i dont see why i would lie ; mais si tu ne me crois pas tu n'as qu'à aller sur google traduction voir si je sais écrire français correctement ou non, la prochaine fois je peux même t'écrire une dissertation :)
<< Anonymous(Aquablast)
Thank you for your reply (and summaries)

I think i'll go complete a SSA deck or a Sylvan , and I'll use my Alien's deck for waiting

Maybe we see us on rank :)
<< Anonymous(Mitsu)
SSA user
SSA needs "early protection" for your monsters, just in case you can't summon 2 or more monsters in one turn (though it should be easy with Fishborgs and Beautunaful Fish), so you need atleast 2 econs and 2 Sphere Kuribohs. Traps van't be trusted nowadays, since Hey Trunade CAs and Rose Lover Sulvans plague the competitive field.
<< Anonymous(Mitsu)
Mako? I honestly don't remember when he is unlocked. Just keep advancing the in-game stage and he should appear at some point. I think you should wait before considering Sylvan. The thing is Sylvan has been used TOO much, and I think most people will complain about in the event survey. And really, look into Aromage. It's a F2P deck where you just need in-game gold to trade for them.
<< Anonymous(SSA user)
SSA user: I notice thank you, i dont have theses cards for now but i will focus on it (but i have 2 ennemy controler and 1 miror wall, its nothing but it helps me a lot :D)

Aquablast: Thanks, i'm in hurry to meet Mako just for using field card
And yeah you're right maybe i should be patient, but you know i farm some gems and i soooo tempted to use them...x')
I'll take a look for Aromage deck :)
To be honest when you are at that point probably best to invest your gems in boxes that you already invest in and try to build good deck out of cards you found in that box. Abyss Encounter is a pretty nice box for that since the good decks come out of it mostly does not require other box as much to be good. (Namely Alien, SSA) after that maybe collect more staple from other box like super rush...



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