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Hi guys, a question for the other shiranui's players, I'm pretty happy with my build with samurai skull but I saw many people playing Gozuki (that I don't have), is it really better? Using 2 times the effect is marvelous for sure but if it get floodgated you can't use even once, and I like so much samurai skull 2nd effect. So is it worth?
Yes it is. If you don't even own the card you are making a huge mistake
it's ok, i use 3x Samurai Skull in my KOG deck; but Gozuki can have its own combo and benefit, different play style..
<< Anonymous
Not only different but an inferior play style. Go Gozuki, you cannot be wrong.
<< Anonymous
Guzuki better when going turn 1, Samurai better going second. You'll more likely get 1 mill on both since most of the time you will tribute them for balista squad wich is a trap you should run with this deck. Second effect of gozuki is better but if your going second any disruption will make your normal summon go to waste.
That being said, those who can afford Gozuki more likely runs lance as well
<< Anonymous
I hope the 50% gems off on old boxes comes back soon so I can get Gozuki without wasting all my gems in that box!
<< Anonymous(pasq)
Try this build if yoou have neos engine.
3x Solitaire
2x Spectral Sword
2x Spririt Master
1-2x Neos Fusion
2-3x Dragon Keeper of Magic
0-1x Squire

keeper + any shiranui is hand sets-up the graveyard pretty good. Discard a shiranui to add neos fusion. Use neos fusion to send Neos and a shiranui you need in graveyard. Set any trap you have ideally Balista squad to tribute Keeper for disruption.
I only have Samurai Skull, and pretty much satisfied with it's float effect xD


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I know it's early, but I really hope they add the independent Ai, really like @ignisters
wtf you talking OP. There no such skill that was officially release with regards to what you'...
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