Land of the Titans: Cardbox

Land of the titans is literally the worst pack released yet. What a waste. Not spending one gem. Horrible.
Also what a horrible rating system. Double summon is somehow 8, 7 tools is a 7, but raging mad plants is somehow on par with sphere kuriboh at 9??
It is literallly one of the better sets.
I agree with you, for you guys who doesn't have enough gems or money to buy packs,i suggest don't buy this pack.
I like it more than Wonders of the Sky. Particularly since there is no card from WOTS that I have in my favorite deck. Gearfried will go in if I ever get him.
rock mosnters are worthy, but beasts suck
I think wonders of the sky is worse but yea personal preference. I don't think the plant support is bad though. Hoping they will release lonefire blossom soon....
<< Anonymous
>t.silver rank 2 player
Wonders of the sky is the best pack because of birdface and desert twister.



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Because we can next level cap will be ur jewel, 50 gems, 75 gems, 100 gems and Beaver warrior for...
It's obvious UR from that mini-box is Tricky and White Night Dragon (on banner). Nope, no op...
I remember getting mirror wall on my 2nd or 3rd pack , yet I got my wall of d at the 73rd pack .....
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