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lava golem and shadow game both get banned people: this day shall be remembered cheap broken build want one side domination: NOOOOOO!!! *crying baby noise* who prefer healthy play: serve you right but meta whale:
sh ut ur du mb mouth at least if you dont have any br a in.dont troll on lava golem.
<< Anonymous
lava golem was never one sided
Lava Golem should never have been given for free. This is the only card that was troublesome to deal with.

It's unfair for a free card to be so good. I joined this game's financial supporters to have an easy time against lowly F2P and ONLY Lava Golem was standing in my way.

Glad Konami acknowledges my superiority and nerfed this lowly F2P card. Now I'm winning so much that it's nearly boring.
Those players insist calling themselves " f2p"while using 3 copies of BTH.
<< Anonymous
Only the burn got nerfed. The fact that it gets rid of 2 of your monsters still remain.
<< Anonymous
*sorry, should be x3, not x2
the cheap is the banners not the errated cards ur wrong asf.


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Was does my a s s hole f a ggot opponent always top deck this one of card?
And all this madness for a childrens card game. Hope you never have do deal with an actual proble...
"spent multiple hours on this" Time spent on duel testing: 0 min.
Dragon rescue rabbit feat divine dragon ragnaroc and king dragon for the meme fun.
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