The Power Beyond Dimensions: Declan Akaba Unlock Event [Jan 5]

BRUH!! I just got a Prismatic Leonidas from the Action Duel Lvl 40 Declan... That kind of luck has never happened to me before...
BRUH too bad your luck just gave you a bad card Konami tries to raise in value by putting a UR label on it which nowadays means nothing come back when you pulled an UR from a main box that's actually good
<< Anonymous
Nice try, konami
You’re the 5D’s events guy, I see you’re playing an Arc V event because the series have things in common.
I didn’t need an Action Duel to get Leonidas from Declan. I got him at the gate instead.
<< Anonymous(MangakaJ96)
I never get the cards I want in prismatic from character drops. On the other hand I have tons of useless prismatics, some of them in multiples. I mean, who will use a playset if prismatic cocvin if evolution...Thankfully "train your kuriboh" campaign gave me those I needed.


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I bought the Reinforcement of the Army bundle but the card is not in my inventory...?
U can bounce your opponent
There is a skill to solve this issue
"You can add 1 "Salamangreat" Normal Spell from your Deck to your hand." O...
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