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This card is broken with 6-Samurai Deck
i dont see how it is broken. The problem of samurai having low attack cannot be solved. Also summoning utopia prevent the user from using the two sword trap (forget name d)
Probably if we already have Hope's evolutions, but Hope alone isn't that broken in a Six Sam deck.

Besides, they prefer to summon their Synchro using different level monsters, than summon two of the same level and doing Xyz. They do have their own Xyz, but it's meh.
Zubaba General is a better Xyz for SixSam than this card or their own Xyz.
<< Anonymous
At least Shadow of the Six Sam Shien is still good for adding bushido counters to the most busted Six Sam cards that's still not released in DL. Not sure if it ever will.
<< Anonymous
I think hate way id ok to add in duel links.
<< Anonymous
Gate way of 6sams and Shein's Smoke signal. Please add them in same box as shadow of shein.


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Can be summoned from the graveyard by monster reporn
Yugioh duel links tea dm ritual. Master
Yes. Very much so.
It usually happens to me too when I activate "trap hole of spikes"
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