World Legacy - "World Armor"

WTF. How is this card not banned. I used my 30 cards Grass deck Shirainui. I keep synchro summoning each turn. Everything goes back to my extra deck. How is this card allowed ?
So grass shirainui isn't invincible after all.

Happy to know that there is something that hard counters them.
So your opponent can normal summon it? How can it be since to return your synchro monster it needs to be normal summoned not special summoned? And normal summon this card is take more turn than your synchro summon
<< Anonymous
Not against King of Games players it would seem.
The guy kept tribute summoning like crazy.

It made this card look broken.
I couldn't use any extra deck monsters.
<< Anonymous
I think I met the guy you are talking about.
I tried to Sipritmaster that annoying monster, but it dodges the destruction effect every time and as a bonus returns my Synchro like Squire or Sunsaga to the extra deck.

Remove the recycle effect from World Armor, the enemy just need 1 World Armor to ruin the entire Shirainui Grass meta.

Or else, ban this card only for KoG players.
<< Anonymous
So, when will Konami ban World Armor ?

It messed up Grass my deck so much.
I only played against it once and I'm already fed-up with this overpowered card.

Shirainui has no counter to this card.

BAN THIS CARD from King of Game ladder already !!!
<< Anonymous

Finally, Shirainui Grass are receiving their just deserts.

Just stop using Shirainui Grass.
<< Anonymous
Nah I think chaos hunter also counter shiranui
<< Anonymous
I assume he's playing superheavy samurai with this card right? Cause they have big waraji that can treated as 2 tribute for tribute summon of machine monster


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This game has been on a decline. Not many people been playing
I bought the Reinforcement of the Army bundle but the card is not in my inventory...?
U can bounce your opponent
There is a skill to solve this issue
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