Samurai Skull

They won't touch this card, because the deck is not being overused. And the game is free to play.
even if they limit it... it will happen after 3-4 months.

Time more than enough to build whatever you want to.
<< Anonymous
Im already playing Karakuris and Dinosaurs, Im surprised such old comment was actually spot on since most of the comments in this site are garbage
Looks like this comment didn't ages that well...
<< Anonymous
lol ^
<< Anonymous
it doesn't even say the date this post was created, which means it's way too old, probably more than 3 months old


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Who needs to be useful when a skill can make you op without doing anything at all
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Would be a little better if it didn’t yeet your monster upon its removal. Oh well, it&rsquo...
And this detail about it is just another why we don't like this card. But yeah, I think he d...
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