Elemental HERO Brave Neos

The only reason this card being UR it's because this card related to gx protagonist
Yep. On its own, this card is actually not that good, what makes people use it is its material combined with Neos Fusion, allowing people to easily set-up their graveyard. This card would still be used for that purpose, even if this card has no effect.
<< Anonymous
Exactly, just like Gem Knight Zirconia: Monster is just a big beater, but the ease of summoning it along with graveyard setup in the process makes it very worth making
<< Anonymous
> this card is actually not that good on its own

and what would you like on the top of thinning and 4 turn protection

trap immunity and the destruction of all cards on the opponent’s field?
<< Anonymous
The deck thinning and protection mainly, first and foremost, comes from Neos Fusion and the material of this card.

It wasn't something specific to Brave Neos itself.


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You have no idea...
poor Hyper Psychic Blaster, he's an SR from Ranked Ticket, and yet his upgrade form is a mas...
Combos well with Anti-Magic Arrow and lots of Set cards. Also, it gains ATK based on S/T in bo...
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