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Any updates on how to turbo this card to the gy?
Amateur advice
Normal summon it then use self mummification on it
Neos Fusion engine
I combo it with cosmo brain. Use cosmo effect on carboneddon to SS a normal dragon from the deck, then, activate carboneddon in the GY and summon another dragon. You are now with 3 lv 7's or 2 lv 7's and a tuner
<< Anonymous
Neos fusion would be very nice since its also a lv7, but it locks you from special summoning for the rest of the turn
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Not an anime deck, but it is a hugely popular meta deck in OCG/TCG.
You forgot about adding this icon
I love how Rosemary ignores Sphere Kuribohs and Kiteroids. Shame Aromages aren't strong enou...
You’re fair, asking for the Destiny Heroes that actually can be added, such as Dragoon D En...
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