Stage 51-60: FAQ and Tips

ali osman
Inflict 2000 points of effect damage with a single effect activation in a Duel against Seto Kaiba at level 40 using Yami Yugi.
Did it my first time. Here's what I used:

1x Gaia Soul
3x Molten Zombie
1x Rigras Leever
3x Stray Asmodian
3x The Thing in the Crater
2x Raging Eria
2x Generation Shift
3x Kickfire
2x Regretful Rebirth
Notes: you won't win the duel with this deck, just deal 2000 damage with Kickfire and call it a day (don't surrender, for I don't know if that counts. Just let Kaiba finish you off). If you have more Gaia Souls and/or Regretful Rebirths, replace the Generation Shifts.
Oh, and forgot to add the following things: as far as I've seen, Kaiba won't use Twister on Kickfire. Also, Kaiba will not attack a monster reborn by Regretful Rebirth (making it easier to have it be destroyed by the effect to trigger Kickfire), unless he has ANOTHER monster available for a direct attack afterwards.
Anonymous Replyer
You could also use Vassal combined with 'Secret Pass to the Treasures' and pump him up with 2 500 atk equip cards. That's what I did.
Very easy just use gravekeepers vasal and wonder wand riryoku rising energy and lots of atk boosts, protect vasal using kuriboh and high atk monsters as diskblade rider etc
<< Anonymous
the center of this deck is Kickfire. it really works to get the 2000 e.d.
<< Anonymous
So I used this deck and was having trouble so I took out the giaa soul molten zombie and rebirths put in two mirror walls and three bonfire colossus and its a really great deck
<< Anonymous
Why Raging Eria?
<< Anonymous
why not?
<< Anonymous
if we lose does it still count?
<< Anonymous(okshapo)
If you manage to inflict 2000 points of effect damage with a single effect activation, then yes.
<< Anonymous
I think you mean Hiita because that is the fire charmer. Eria if for water
<< Anonymous
I just faced kaiba and he used twister on my kickfire
You could also try with 3 Excelion (you just need 2) Dragons. If you have one Excelion in your graveyard, every monster you destroy by attacking with the Excelion Dragon will damage your enemys lifepoints by the ATK of their monster. ;) Just E-Con Vorse Raider on his side (he has 3 copies of that card) and attack into it. Its pretty easy, but his D.D. Warriors need to be eliminated first. :)
<< Anonymous
If you have Kickfire, try it. But I don´t know, if Kaiba is going to use his Storm on your Kickfire. Excelion is pretty safe though, Gravekeeper Vassal is the best way.
I used:
3x Excelion
1x Windstorm
2x Econ
3x Bubonic Virmin
1x Soul Exchange
5/6 Level 4 Monsters with 1900 ATK
2x Impenetrable Attack (Other defensive spell or trap cards should work, too)
Make sure to get 1 Excelion to the grave.
By the way, anybody in the future that use the deck with kickfire (from that person's example) it is Rigorous Reaver...NOT Rigras Leever
<< Anonymous
This deck does not work at all. It's complete garbage. Don't waste your keys.



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That EX Stamina rolling in the Benjamins by the truckload!!
they keep splashing E heroes in every box.. i pity the poor souls who want to have fun with this...
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