Stage 51-60: FAQ and Tips

ali osman
Inflict 2000 points of effect damage with a single effect activation in a Duel against Seto Kaiba at level 40 using Yami Yugi.
Did it my first time. Here's what I used:

1x Gaia Soul
3x Molten Zombie
1x Rigras Leever
3x Stray Asmodian
3x The Thing in the Crater
2x Raging Eria
2x Generation Shift
3x Kickfire
2x Regretful Rebirth
Notes: you won't win the duel with this deck, just deal 2000 damage with Kickfire and call it a day (don't surrender, for I don't know if that counts. Just let Kaiba finish you off). If you have more Gaia Souls and/or Regretful Rebirths, replace the Generation Shifts.
Oh, and forgot to add the following things: as far as I've seen, Kaiba won't use Twister on Kickfire. Also, Kaiba will not attack a monster reborn by Regretful Rebirth (making it easier to have it be destroyed by the effect to trigger Kickfire), unless he has ANOTHER monster available for a direct attack afterwards.
Anonymous Replyer
You could also use Vassal combined with 'Secret Pass to the Treasures' and pump him up with 2 500 atk equip cards. That's what I did.
Very easy just use gravekeepers vasal and wonder wand riryoku rising energy and lots of atk boosts, protect vasal using kuriboh and high atk monsters as diskblade rider etc
<< Anonymous
the center of this deck is Kickfire. it really works to get the 2000 e.d.
<< Anonymous
So I used this deck and was having trouble so I took out the giaa soul molten zombie and rebirths put in two mirror walls and three bonfire colossus and its a really great deck
<< Anonymous
Why Raging Eria?
<< Anonymous
why not?
<< Anonymous
okshapo 15days ago
if we lose does it still count?
<< Anonymous(okshapo)
Anoymous 9days ago
If you manage to inflict 2000 points of effect damage with a single effect activation, then yes.



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Who has a pic of the his destiny hero plasma gamemat?
Costs cannot be negated, you just can prevent from paying a cost through some card or effect, lik...
Summoning him from the grave with Ojama Country doesn't count. It has to be Poly'd.
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