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looks like you cant use the effect until 2 turns have passed from the time it was summoned. Anyone else notice this?
can someone verify this? it sux then
Lord 2022
Did u know what the gemimi mean in yugi or not !!! If not i will explain it. They are. Normal moaters in field and grave. But u can (RESUMMON then instead of do your normal summon) then he ill get his effect

So when u summon him he is a normal monster with no effect next turn u can re summon him and lose ur normal summon but the gemini get his effect
Lord 2022 is correct, but in simpler terms this card works like this.
Turn 1: normal summon him, at this point he is treated like a non-effect monster.
Turn 2: you can activate his effect and "resummon" him as an effect monster to gain the 2100 Atk.
*Keep in mind that "resummoning" takes place of your regular summon that turn.
Gemini cards are pretty shitty overall.
I tested it for first turn the effect didint work why
<< Anonymous(Gaz)
@Gaz because you're an illiterate fool, it's effect doesn't activate turn one. Gosh!
<< Anonymous(MoronsBeGone)
no reason to be so upset
<< Anonymous(MoronsBeGone)
Ofc it can if it's Special Summoned.



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