Luna the Dark Spirit

Pfftt... Really Konami halving this card effect from 500 to 250 is just nghhh!!!
It is halved? 250 is to low!
Then this card is meh, except as a XYZ Material IMO.
Sidenote: Cubics are not nerfed!
<< Anonymous(Dave)
Just needs a dark monster to special summon this BOSS 1600 attcacker and then you inflict 250 DAMAGE!! In your NEXT STAND BY PHASE!!! ULTRA RAREEE!!!
I am pretty sure konami guys were laughing to death when they were making it.
Konami is high... If only this card says "during either player standby phase" that make sense, but this!
<< Anonymous
Nice. A multiple of 50 not 100
They already stated ALL the new burn cards in DL will get nerfed, with Lava Golem being the only old burn card getting nerfed.
<< Anonymous
Yami Aster
So, do you think everything will just be halved? Or just made to what they think is acceptable? I wish I knew what this means for the "burn" destiny heroes.


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