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D. 29days ago
Is there an issue with the convert function with Card Trader? I can't convert the individual cards that I don't need. Batch convert function is still there....
Mereth 29days ago
I'm having the exact same issue.
<< Anonymous(Mereth)
K 29days ago
Me too
Anoymous 22days ago
Anoymous 20days ago
If you have 4+ copies of a sinlge card and if some of them are glossy or prismatic, your od decks my still have the non glossy or non prismatic copies in them, if that is the case you must remove them or delete those decks so they become "tradable"
TRAUMATISED 18days ago
I sent in a game bug note to Konami the day of maintenance when it first started, and they said they will fix and change it



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The term refund implies a return of payment, if you have not payed for something there can be no ...
Why is it my turn only? It doesn't says that in the text
Trying out a version with ojamatch. I use thunder monarch and 2 level 5. Also econ so you can eco...
This game is becoming more shit by the day
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