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underrated card... at last 1 in every blue eyes deck and F2P version 2-3
Best support for the card called Priestess with Eyes of Blue indeed, for an Alternative White Dragon infinity loop.
<< Anonymous
Didn't thought it would work but it actually does. I manage to destroy nearly 3 monsters per turn thanks to Priestess's 2 effects combined with alternative WD.
This alternative WD support existed for all this time but no one noticed lol.

So much synergy when Priestess is supported by the new Eyes of Blue cards.
<< Anonymous
Oh, you mean that weird loop that some people have been using lately?
Use BEAWD to destroy a 1st monster. Shuffle him back thanks to priestess. Use Sage EoB to S.Summon Alternative again from deck, destroy 2nd monster. Shuffle Alternative once more. Use Priestess's 2nd effect to draw alternative+BEWD, S.Summons itself from the hand destroy 3rd monster, synchro win.
Rinse and repeat each turn.
<< Anonymous
You also played against that Priestess+Alternative White Dragon combo I see.

If Konami released those Eyes of Blue cards to support Priestess with Eyes of Blue a few months earlier it would have more success.

Today too much decks are protected from targeting or destruction, so using Priestess to use Alternative's destruction effect 3 times per turn is nothing powerful.
Red-eyes, Lunalights, etc.
<< Anonymous
Like all of you guys I also encountered that deck. As you said, it's not broken when you have a deck that deal with Alternative.

But when you have no defense against either effect destruction or targeting, Priestess with eyes-of-blue makes Alternative white dragon loop TOO consistent.

Konami should ban or limit the consistency of the Priestess-Alternative loop.
<< Anonymous
Well, you can also use both Master and Priestess to win against a Warm worm 🔥 deck by deck out.

So ridiculous when a warm worm player rage quits by deck out.


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Hi guys how do u get this card in duel links?
Z-ONE 11
Just checked voice credits. Marc Thompson reprised him again like I knew he would
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