Chazz Princeton

Anonymous 20days ago
Does he have the same voice actor as the english anime please tell me im going crazy trying to figure it out
Valencia 20days ago
I don't know for sure. But either way, this Chazz in Duel Links sounds like he smokes three packs of cigarettes a day. I was going to use him as my main duelist for GX, but now I think I'll just use Aster instead. Um, he doesn't sound like that, too? Does he?
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anoymous 20days ago
I never thought of his voice actor like that at all. I just thought that he sounded a bit too gruff.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anoymous 19days ago
Aster is the same thank god but hardly any dh and ones in game are weak
Valencia 19days ago
I have tried Googling it. But so far, I can't find any cast list for GX characters except for Yubel, oddly enough. I don't even know if they are completely accurate since it lists Yami Marik as Johnathan Todd Ross (anime voice),but from what I remember after first installing this, he was not listed as the actor for Yami Marik. (Plus, I thought he was too busy doing audio books these days.)
<< Anonymous
Valencia 19days ago
Thanks. Good to know. About the voice, I mean. XD
Anoymous 19days ago
You could always use the Japanese voices, I'm pretty sure they are the same. (They were with the DM characters.)
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Mattles 18days ago
Really breaks my heart too, I was really looking forward to playing as Chazz, but his cigarette smoking, nasaly, edge lord voice just isn't right...
<< Anonymous(Mattles)
Valencia 15days ago
At some times, he sort of sounds like the old Chazz, but at others, he sounds more like he is ready to smoke it up instead of Chazz it up.
<< Anonymous(Mattles)
Anoymous 6days ago
It's a different Voice actor but they both have the same surname so maybe thier related? That''d explain why he sounds a bit like Chazz at times but not the real deal. The original's name is Tony Salerno, the bootleg is Anthony Salerno.
<< Anonymous
Valencia 5days ago
Thanks for that information. But now, I am beginning to think that it might actually be the same person. Tony sounds like it could be a nickname for Anthony. Your explanation still makes sense, too. But I'm wondering if the actor's voice just...evolved over the years.



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