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Any idea when will toon event be back?
No one knows. I want the event to be back too....
Once a LD has been added to the gate the old gate or roaming event(s) won't come back e.g. see Pegasus, bakura, para bros, arkana, yugi muto, crowler (and soon jesse)
<< Anonymous
Who says? Then mais event 4 amazoness and chazz roaming event were what?
<< Anonymous
Mai and Chazz were always from Gate.

It's a different type of event. It's super event. They never did a Super for any character that were from a event before.
<< Anonymous
I'd argue Spooky Bonz is more or less a Super event character, even though it was a Duel-a-Thon rather than a straight roaming event. He did get a new name for the event, which has otherwise only happened for the "super" events.


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Are you asking how you stop the free Raigeki + Harpie's feather duster ? Or how to stop the ...
Bubbleman is as bad as Clayman. And no sane person would try to build a Bubble Beat deck nowadays...
..........I feels more good when do poop than when I f4p
........I feels more good when do poop than when I f4p
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