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Ow noes! It doesn't work with forbidden chalice anymore. They updated it :(. Now if you attack directly with Anki and then use forbidden chalice in the damage step, it now suddenly asks you if you want to continue the attack, cancelling the direct attack and attack the opponents monster. That is such a low move from Konami :(
Play Six sams
Yeah just play the most popular deck, keep the game really interesting lol
Not true op. I dueled someone who direct attacked me with twice with two chalice and it still did 3200 damage.
<< Anonymous
I also had monsters.
Are you really sure you activated it in Damage Step? Battle Phase doesn't just consist of declaring an attack and Damage Step.


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Players have been abusing this card recently. Perhaps Komoney should limit it to three with decks...
This card really needs to be forbidden along with TTH. Way to many trash players hiding behind it...
I know that this deck looks weird but it works pretty well and it's very budget friendly (yo...
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