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I use blue eyes synchro deck or cosmis brain blue eyes. There is no way for me to beat this card. Please advice.
Edit: i put one luster dragon and one synchro lvl 5 to counter it. Though, my deck push power is decrease a bit
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I tried adding 2 paladin of felgrand.
Use burst stream of destruction, instant 🔥 them :D
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What they said my friend.
Burst stream of destruction, Felgrand, even some Canadia will work, because once it's face down you'll be able to hit the guy. Econ Take works as well, tribute your protector or your stone, even some blue eyes and then you just use silver's cry.
politely tell him to move out of the way and he'll do it.
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Because you don't have 3 copies of it in your deck. F2P players usually have only 1-2 copy ...
Always the same cards in every deck..... Gouki deck wit a psychic mosters XDXDXD
I kind of wish Life Stream Dragon was obtainable
anyone else notice that some decks in the shop are still behind a pay wall this game is a con
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