27th Mini Box: Flames of the Heart

Save your gems, next box will contains Salamangreat
"mark my word"
<< Anonymous(lp)
Lol no
Yeah, no. Salad is like Speedroid and predaplant. We may have gotten cards from mildly prominent Arc-V characters, but not from the main core. Sure, one could argue about Superheavy and D/D, but still. I doubt that we will get Salamangreat any time soon.
<< Anonymous
It's not even an just making an argument, it's just flat out obvious that Declan (The guy who used D/D) was a pretty important character in ARC-V.
Maya cashy 2.0
I played salamangreat and is kind like this new Maya's archetype strategy. I found fun have resources from the graveyard and mill from deck, even it have a good 1 card play maker (cyber mining) searcher and too muck sycron spam all for Lee's than 6k gems, so maybe I'm lucky but is not a bad deck.
<< Anonymous
Speaking of Arc-V, we also already have Melodious. You know, the main female protag's deck?

However, Konami do still keep some cards away, probably to be used when we do get the world related to their user.
<< Anonymous
Well, looks like I was mistaken. We are getting speedroids AND predaplants. In the same box, no less. Maybe salad is possible, but it is a high tier deck atm, so maybe not.


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this card is gonna get nerfed
Ok, so maybe I'm just not looking in the right place, but I was trying to transfer my data t...
But he knows flash. This means you can use him as an HM slave.
Pendulum version is trash. Just play swarm combo with Slime-Pendragon-Nighhowl-extra deck monster...
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