Number C39: Utopia Ray | Decks and Ruling

You can OTK with this, but the 1000 or less LP restriction is bad....
what so hard just play stein minus 5k lp special summon ojama then augmentation lvl increase, match up with ojama lvl, there you go xyz the monster. im just too clever to think
<< Anonymous(arnold)
that's so clever, just play a Forbidden card
<< Anonymous
Backs to the wall
Use grit
Even Konami thinks it's bad, there is literally only 1 other Chaos Xyz that is like Hope Ray in terms of effect.

All the other Chaos Xyz since then are the Rank Up version that simply needs its base form attached for full power.
<< Anonymous
*eventually thinks it's bad, sorry forgot to add the word "eventually" there


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They are sad tryhards, its not fun, don't deceive yourself(s).
When was there ever strategy in duel links lol? and of course you use the same strategy if it wor...
to explain a popular one such as Red-Eyes Slash Dragon. requires "Red-eyes black dragon&qu...
I'm not saying those guys aren't relevant throughout history. And yeah, Mai has also go...
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