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Randomly curious
F2p player here.. Suggest improvement for my deck please and in place of which card. I think I would be needing a Goka.. But haven't bought even a single pack so need to dug deep
"F2P", nice meme bro.
<< Anonymous
Yugi moto
I guess 3 Phoenix is affordable, just reset the box after u get one. I got my 2 phoenix in 36 packs ( in total)
<< Anonymous(Yugi moto)
Im sick of seeing ppl having way better luck than me. Zzzz
<< Anonymous
idk how u could think this deck is p2w. try playing the game before u try to act like u know what you're talking about
To OP, remove Phoenix chick and add stuff like Hane-hane, Mega Cyber.etc would be nice.
<< Anonymous
how bout you read what op said before spouting non sense
<< Anonymous
Remove hand as Realm said. It makes you dead draw more than help you. Also mirror wall. If you need beat helper, SRH or Econ instead. But you should put another island to support Phoenix (just add it or remove search monster)
Remove the pathfinder, and one of Phoenix girl, and add 2 heavy knight of the flames



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CA still playable, you just need to replace it with Machine Angel Absolute Ritual
My advise to you is to wait until the next mini box is released at the end of the week. First we ...
what deck takes skill to use
New name of the skill will be Balant.
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