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Rush 17days ago
So getting security orbs worthy?
Player J 17days ago
Security Orb is risky because of the second effect is mandatory!

For Example:

Turn 1:
You summon/set a monster.
Than set Security Orb.

Turn 2:
Your opponent can try to set a Trap.
Than activate the spell Storm.

They kill their trap + your trap.
You are than forced to kill a monster because of Security second effect!

Only 1 monster is on the field!
You have to kill your own monster.
Player J 17days ago
My previous comment to you shows how Security Orb can be risky!

However, Security Orb helps people like me!

I have only been playing on Duel Links for 1 week. I still haven't manage to get E.Con. drops from Kaiba. It takes time to get the good card drops.

I consider "Security Orb" as if it is an temporary easy accessible substitute card until I can get better!

Does that make sense?
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Rush 17days ago
But I do want sphere kuriboh...Temptation temtation
Anoymous 17days ago
fuck yea, its like econ cheaper version
Anoymous 17days ago
fuck yea, its like econ cheaper version
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Anoymous 15days ago
I've been playing for 120ish days and still only have my KC cup econ. It seems like a solid alternative but the versatility that makes econ the best isn't there.



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Fortunately, i almost have 3 of each those event cards. I guess i need to rest for a while after ...
Really sloppy deck man. Lacks tributes too
not a fan of this build except for metalmorph, the idea to fill the board not kill all there mons...
Shut up niggerfaggot
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