D.D. Castle: Supreme King Rises! [Oct 2021]

Supreme King's Castle as the UR when we have the Skill... I suddenly regret having bought 3 of the Structure when it came out... As far as Evil HEROES go, the ones we got currently are kind of disappointing...
That structure deck was designed to bait nostalgia for heroes. It's like how Shark Fang had Stratos and no other heroes because they knew he would practically sell the box on his own.
Eh fak you & ur opinion. Kepala pundek
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I see. I will skip buying Evil Heroes then. Thank you.
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Supreme King is not disappointing if you have 3 Dark Gaia. Unleashing two 5100 ATK monsters on your opponent's face-up monsters is GG.
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Animalaysia and Indogs are really the worst spammers in this site. Thanks to these mentally ill creatures, I now know words I'm not supposed to.



Thanks for nothing, asian animals.
The Evil Hero’s deck still sucks ass. I’m sorry but it just does. I’m not playing that deck when it comes to ranked. Not even good enough


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If you want to buy it again with cash it goes up to 6.99(note gems only work as a payment option ...
to explain a popular one such as Red-Eyes Slash Dragon. requires "Red-eyes black dragon&qu...
I'm not saying those guys aren't relevant throughout history. And yeah, Mai has also go...
how the heck you got it from a shiny sr ticket and what do you mean by shiny sr ticket cause s...
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