Hero Rising: Structure Deck

I don't always play E Hero, but this structure deck is pure 🔥. I shouldn't have ever purchase this deck.
can't u think in terms of "I purchased this because I have lot of extra money".. deep down I knew it's 🔥ty "on its own", but whatever, I could perhaps use the cards in the future, so I can resist myself projecting a bitter attitude like what you have just shown to us
<< Anonymous
you sound really offended!
Its actually pretty useful to me atleast.
<< Anonymous
This is useful because of 'A Hero Emerges' which is splashable to any decks (not just E-Heroes)
<< Anonymous(Lifeless)
Hero decks 🔥ing suck anyway. But I gotta make something for Jaden, I just want to run water again for the new series


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Yeah that's absolutely broken @@@ even if it's once per duel. There WILL be a lot mo...
If we're getting this skill soon, then freakin' finally. Also means we could be gett...
Well, we're getting Seiyaryu soon, in this December, just in time for Christmas which is par...
Use with cards that negate monster effect.
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