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lol u kids are stupid if castor is coming then high probability that ophion is coming in next box and finally 🔥ty shiras will die, dm, blue eyes, luna light, heavy samurais pracyically everything will die against ophion lol and remember lswarm has anti s/t protection quick spell so gg
lol your pathetic ophion just die by any staple backrow you fagghot reddit kid
Calm down kid. I’m as tired of shiras as the next guy, but evilswarm might not be it since they require so many resources with little draw power. When it comes to ophion, look at the past boxes they rarely release back-to-back support for an archetype
<< Anonymous
Actually no, even Floodgate won't work on Ophion if they release Infestation Pandemic with it. But Evilswarm won't be competitive if they don't release Rescue Rabbit. But again, Evilswarm also depends on heavy backrow so if you can protect Ophion for 1-2 turns it's gg.
<< Anonymous
If you call Ophion as pathetic, then you live under a rock.
You are dreaming of you think Ophion will come to DL.

Ophion goes against the sales konami could make from new boxes
<< Anonymous
Ophion is also what would make sales from the box it is in, though.
<< Anonymous
Would getting 1 well sold box be better than selling all the future boxes to be released? Ophion would surely be a UR card and there's no way konami would hit it in the future.


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Was does my a s s hole f a ggot opponent always top deck this one of card?
And all this madness for a childrens card game. Hope you never have do deal with an actual proble...
"spent multiple hours on this" Time spent on duel testing: 0 min.
Dragon rescue rabbit feat divine dragon ragnaroc and king dragon for the meme fun.
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