Aster Phoenix

Aster's droprate is just crazy, got a dasher from lvl 20 and a destinysign trap from lvl 10. Or am I just lucky? Can't upload screenshots though
nah you're just lucky
Aster's droprate is also crazy to me but perhaps I'm also lucky when it comes to him...
I had better luck losing to him. I used a farming deck that is a reliable 7-8 k and I can't get crap. I lose horribly against him and he drops D-Hero Dasher.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Maybe he just feels pity for us for having destroyed us with his fusion.
In terms of the common skills, his droprate is crazy for me. One time, he gave me Draw Sense Dark two times in a row. And don't even get me started on those crappy LifeboostB skills. It's like he is possessed or something.



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After the most recent devastating nerf for this deck, all a have to say is this.
Peep how spell books are still untouched for so long
Finally this deck gets one last nerf that will be it’s final nail in the coffin.
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