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Hey konami, i know sharks might be the animal with the most numbers of teeths but as far as I know they dobt have fangs.
Some sharks have teeth that can be classified as fangs. A fang is just a bigger tooth
Well ive read a lot of books and watch a lot of documentaries and never did they mention fangs when talking about sharks
squid is the way forward
<< Anonymous
Your thinking of a canine. And yeah it’s not common practice to say they have fangs. Look up the definition of a fang
<< Anonymous
It's not common practice, but sharp pointed teeth, which sharks do have, can be called as fang.


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Especially for Blue Eyes and Noble Knight
lol cubic deck is a combination from alien A deck and burn deck. negated monster effect, prevent ...
Dna surgery protection
best of the top 5 of the rank 4 in game right now?
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