Clear Mind: Antinomy Unlock Event [June 2021]

Again this? I thought my game was malfunctioning when I opened it, the event is pretty much identical to what happened months ago
Yes, because we've had only 1 Antinomy unlock so far.

Is this your first year playing Duel Links? Characters always have 2 unlock events before they are put into the Gate and can be unlocked anytime without event.

Plus, we do have new rewards, it's not 100% identical.
<< Anonymous
You totally sounded like a dlm sheep or a konami white knight
<< Anonymous
We've always had that "two unlock events before gate" system ever least before 5Ds, dumdum.

It's a very old system already.
<< Anonymous
I've been playing since 2018 dear, the event is pretty much the same thing, which shows that the game is dying. :*
<< Anonymous
Yeah no sh it. This game is pretty garbage. It's pretty much the same recolor event and yet this shills always falls for the same trick saying it's new.


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not the case any more bro its set your omni negate and win
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