Armed Dragon Catapult: deck recipe [May 2020]

Summon ojama king in first turn duel = auto win
My only question is why that guy seemed to have destroyed his own monster for you.
I just shared your picture to my friend. Then he sent back his picture and said that "อ่อนหวะ"(means you are so weak).
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
weak? mean ??
<< Anonymous
I was also surprised because he destroyed his own monster

my opinion he is a beginner

Play against a mako deck = auto win
He could at least have burning land and destroy your field spell, but then again you have one in your hand so...
You all forgot TttD
Today some idiot tried to use Ojama King against me in the first turn. In the second turn I used Soul Exchange and used his Ojama King as a Tribute to Summon my Gravekeeper's Chief. He surrendered. This is a very weak strategy.
<< Anonymous(Andresa)
Someone tried that with me and got a rude awakening with Lava Golemn deck.
I've had this happen to me and still won.

Two words. Forbidden chalice.
<< Anonymous(Andresa)
soul exchange it does not work because you have nowhere to summon monsters
my opponents surrender after that
<< Anonymous(Andresa)
Anonymous No. 2
Hardly anyone runs Soul Exchange or Tribute to the Doomed these days.
Monster removal is performed via monster effects nowadays.
So, if you do manage to summon Ojama King on the first turn, you will win 99,9% of the time.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous No. 2)
You do realize that Forbidden Chalice is pretty popular?
<< Anonymous
:D yep chalice is pretty popular but I havent seen any ojama king getting chaliced yet lol. It'd be fun to watch though
Usually when this happens i just spam the chat with his evil laugh or "chazz it up"
Evil Rick
Dark Contract with the witch says Hi!


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Agreed. And unlimited Shira with access to gold sarc and cosmic cyclone was an absolute beast.
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