Scheming Weevil Roaming Event

Drop rate is sucks. So far I only got insect armor with laser cannon which I already have more than 3 and tons of R cards
These cards are useless anyway. As i stated below, only firefly is decent because you don't have to run into a trap card like WOD, MW, DMF & could see what cards are set. That's the only good effect of these two Inzektor cards
Yeah, drop rate is very terrible for the new cards.
<< Anonymous
Hope you've been saving Duel Orbs. :D
Update : I only got 3 giga-weevil not a single firefly except from the mission. This is epic yami v2.0
<< Anonymous
At least his difficulty isn't like Epic Yami 1.0


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^ Imagine the Konami employee who reads this and tries to convince the team to implement that
No, select Darkness Dragon or Metal Dragon. It would make much more sense.
It's not the same thing. Those were 2 completely different events. They had no similarities ...
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