Raid Duel - Giant Grinder: The Meet-and-Greet of Nightmares [Sept 2021]

Thanks Konami, just what we need, an uncontrollable AI partner that ruins our attempt to get high points.
You can set the control to ON after the first 2-on-1 duel, don't worry.
<< Anonymous
The real problem isn't the AI since you can disable it

The real big problem is that the partner also eats up the turn count, with a deck unsuitable for farming.

You actually have less number of turns here than in usual Raid Duel.
<< Anonymous
The skill you obtain in 2-on-1 duel is actually worth it just summon hope multiply it's atk 5x and make it atk twice.
<< Anonymous
That works with most numbers with high ATK, particular No.70 in the deck above. The problem is bricks and if you dont finish Quattro off in time for him to bring out his No.15, or if No.15 comes out early in the game
<< Anonymous(NoobMaster69)
Put some traps that counter his No.15 will do.
<< Anonymous
And if u cant get them out in time?
Uh... they set it up so that you can change it to manual right away, man.


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If you can go into rank 4 monsters, summon Abyss Dweller, then set backrow.
You don't need to do Link. Link will do you
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