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Well, vamps are crazy just tried them with 3 samurai skulls and no gozukis and they seem very consistent, just bricked twice so far hmm... I think I'll get my first gozuki with that dream ticket.
You better, cuz samurai skull likely will be limited.
lol there is just no way in hell they are going to limit a card like that, that's BS lmao
<< Anonymous(ShienSamurai)
It make perfect sense to Semi-limit it. That way the vamps lose a little consistency and 2 Enemy Controllers which wont cripple them.
well, whatever... I already have 9999 gems so I can buy anything
Gozuki it's just a nice investment, the card never gets old.
VAMPS4LIFE MAN ! the deck is cool, fun, strong, it has everything !
<< Anonymous(RR)
nah hopefully they just limit grace to 1 or 2 so you can choose double grace or econ, or maybe grace and takeover or something, samurai skull would make every new zombie deck bad as well as the old ones
Hope they never limit anything here, because that would just give scrubs the perfect excuse to start calling the game expensive. I know how their putrefact mind works :D . Yes, they have reached the FIFTH stage of death lol
I picked canadia with my dream T. lol
Gozuki is the real MVP, because you can trtibute him and then summon grace or any other high level monster from your deck, just by banishing your skull on graveyard or any other zombie monster.



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Hey trunade + poly + cyber style can lead into a cancerous otk deck.
So basically you like fur hire and sylvan meta?
Black Tyranno isn't even the strongest direct attacker in DUEL LINKS. Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon ...
Prior to that archetype condition being added to it, it had rulings stating it was an Archfiend c...
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