How to beat/farm Mai Valentine Lvl 40

any card that can replace union attack as I don't have a single copy of it.
I am talking about amazoness farm deck.
You could run piranha army and gift of the maryt.
<< Anonymous
Thanks for suggesting.
I am going to go with (2) gift of the martyr (1) riryoku.
but seriously what is use of piranha army in a farming deck.
<< Anonymous
piranha is for the 10k damage. summon piranha, use pass, use riryoku, play gift or 2 and attack with double combat damage.
Anoymous 30days ago
Not that I know of.... You COULD use a form of unity THEN use something along the lines of shield and sword/ojama country
Anoymous 18days ago
You can farm Yugi Moto for it, you know. don't have to get it from event



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There will need to be a special skill to make this card even remotely usable.
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