Dark Magician of Chaos | Deck and Rulings

We will need "Dedication through Light and Darkness" for an easier summon.
Nah you don't need that 🔥 bro, remember there's a skill from mokuba called monstermorph evolution,. It would be a better way to summon this monster by tributing dark magician.
<< Anonymous
But the skill requires us to lose some LP first :/
<< Anonymous(名木田)
Mausoleum of the Emperor into Dark Magician, then monstermorph into this card. Or you can just summon this card if it's in your hand.
Pay cost for mirror wall or something like that to low your lp
<< Anonymous(Mastakui)
Thanks for the tip, guys. But they indeed release the card "Dedication through Light and Darkness" after all.


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