Carly Carmine's Duel Links Spotlight! Unlock Event

Great event for farming gems. You gotta put effort into it but I have gotten around 1k gems just by completing the missions plus the other goodies.
no name
first day i had 160 gems from missions.
second day i had 94 gems.
the third day i have 66 gems.

i don't think u can get 1k gems. It's impossible.
<< Anonymous(no name)
i think he counted the gem rewards for leveling his characters in the total
<< Anonymous
"plus the other goodies." = leveling his characters
<< Anonymous
Other goodies = cumulative rewards, I guess
<< Anonymous
By other goodies I meant cards and ex jewels. No gems and no level up characters either. I already got them at max.

I was close to 6k gems and now I am about to hit 8k gems in just 6 days. Like I said, you gotta put lots of effort into this event. I deleted any non-gem assignments and lose the PvP assignments, which usually give gems, to make things fast.
<< Anonymous(RR)
I was looking forward to this even just because I noticed it was possible during the 1st Carly event to gather many resources. This time I focused on gems and got more than I expected.


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