Vision HERO Faris

is the faris increase combo worth it without startos?running destiny hero base currently
You might suffer some consistency, but it still good cards for the entire hero deck.
Its like playing blackwing without poison wind.
<< Anonymous
thank you for the help.i will try it instead of drilldark/decider combo.should i play malicious with plasma and also canadia and forbidden chalice?
<< Anonymous(...)
as for the consistency im already using restart.but i dont know if i dont open faris but a mask change with a hero is worth restarting.
<< Anonymous(...)
also i will remove the 3 drilldark and 3 decider.i will put in 1 decider instead.but dont know about other cards instead of malicious worth it if i want to reack kog or just stick to fav hero one version?i have 1 vyon only.plasma worth it?
<< Anonymous(...)
what about other vision heroes than increase and faris.worth it?


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Kind of wish this guy, Camula and Amnael were legendry duelists with how they just skipped over a...
Now nobody is willing to play this skill anymore. @@@ing humans just refuse to stop using broken ...
Fair decks? How many of the decks are "fair" in this game? Cards of Consonance, Star Se...
It is 2021 but Invoker, Darklord & BE are still alive. If Shiranui can be hit with four limit...
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