13th Card Box: Generation Next

Anonymous 23days ago
Generation Next 7.5 Rating is a little low i give it no less than a 8.5 - 9.0 it has Horus which is a Tier 1 deck & also Flame Tiger & Caninetaur which are must have cards in your Hazy Flame Deck & also major Fusion support the SR & UR Cards in the pack are very good in my opinion i would rate this Pack a 9.0 so far
Anoymous 23days ago
Horus ain't tier 1 mate.
Easy to work around that deck.
Realm 23days ago
Ice Barrier and Naturia are tier 1, look at Elec and Phoenix pack, are they 9.0? try again.
Anoymous 23days ago
9??? u rate as good as gamea
<< Anonymous
guy 23days ago
^ this comment is very rude!!!!!!!!!! but true lol!!!!!!!!
<< Anonymous(Realm)
Anoymous 19days ago
in what universe are ice barriers tier 1?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 19days ago
i agree, if you don't pull MAGIC TRIANGLE OF ICE BARRIER right away, the deck is junk. 100 easier ways to win



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what's your point? it's trash lol
almost is 1 word bro
Can I get some fries with that salt?
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