KC GT Preliminary Tournament 1st Stage [June 2021]

F u c k this tournament. Bunch of f a g g o t players everywhere. My opponent is so lucky that this isn’t an in person event or else I would bash their r e t a r d e d brains in.
One reason I prefer the tcg because if someone plays can cer deck, I'll make sure they walk home half dead.
<< Anonymous
omg how badass you must be a total chad irl
<< Anonymous
Of course I am, *flips hair*
<< Anonymous
Herri Pras
Have you tried playing Karate Man OTK?
Nobody sees it coming
<< Anonymous(Herri Pras)
I love TCG too. 8000LP is fairer and OTK won't happen unless you are a big noob.


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Don't hate the game, just hate yourself for being so naive and so short minded, what were yo...
^^ it really is sad and pathetic
Zombie shiranui never die. Awesome
Or make it level 12 first with Yubel+level augmentation
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