10th Mini Box: Rampage of the Forest

I got 3 SR in my first 6 pack Should i reset?
Depends. You planning to boost plant or insect plays?
Only if you plan on building a Sylvan deck because you'll need at least 2 Komushroomos.
<< Anonymous(Frustration)
OP here
I decided to reset and managed to create a quite consistent sylvans deck.
Any suggestion for the deck?

Note : only 1 merchant because i dont want to open a big box just for 2 N cards
<< Anonymous
I throw away merchant and go for the 3rd komushroom. Never regret since
DEF THERE really nothing good to get


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Yep. They didn't update Armored White Bear. Same story for some of Sherry's cards like ...
I understand. You don’t need to prove yourself anymore now that you got the icon.
This card is very under rated equip Buster Rancher Spell card and low stat problem isn't muc...
This would be dope if it's quick effect so forbidden lance, harpie's hunting ground, le...
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