Kalin Kessler

Day 809 of "Where's Atticus?" Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon continues to search for answers as to why Atticus has yet to make his Duel Links appearance. Meanwhile, Atticus remains perched on the high cliff overlooking the seas surrounding Duel Academy, lost in melancholic brooding over whether or not his plot significance in GX matters to Konami or not...
Is Atticus that guy from GX?
Pretty much, sadly.
Indeed, another Kalin and no Atticus yet, not even an idea when he will show himself
Easier to get ANOTHER Yugi (the 4th one) than Atticus. Konami likes Yugi like Bandai likes Goku.
<< Anonymous
and this Yugi from GX maybe
Atticus the guy with the red eyes darkness cards
in this point of the game darkness dragon is useless. i will just hope for him bringing useful red-eyes skills, maybe it would make konami buff joey dsod red-eyes skills to be as good as blue-eyes ones from kaiba


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Seeing Crystal Keeper as an ultra rare makes me hate Konami so much. Its like saying: "Hey ...
Which LD
You make way too many assumptions about people. That could leave you d e a d with the wrong person.
Why would anyone say otherwise?
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