Selection Box Vol. 01

Razaelriezen 4days ago
Got a second sphere kuriboh second mirror wall third double summon third Gozuki the Gaia fusion sr Berliner’s vassal sr Man all I want is that darkworld dealings
Anoymous 4days ago
got dark world dealings, wanted mirror wall. double sergeant and sphere kuriboh not bad tho
Anoymous 4days ago
Shut up, retarded fag
<< Anonymous
sop19981 4days ago
I won't shut up because I'm a little grammar nazzi who likes to call people illiterate every time they make simple grammar mistakes lel
<< Anonymous
F1k1sk0 4days ago
<< Anonymous(F1k1sk0)
sop19981 3days ago
<< Anonymous(sop19981)
St0rm 3days ago
sop19981 I don't even know where to begin with critiquing that bit of grammar... is that even English??? I r no understand u wordz...
<< Anonymous
blyat 3days ago
^ i dont understand french, but i know its about that parrot pet XD
<< Anonymous(blyat)
Anoymous 3days ago
Better call naicha here so he can spank all your asses for involving his parrot pet/pet parrot here.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 2days ago
time to spank his "parrot pet"



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Drop rates were garbage actually
You actually get to destroy 3, as double cyclone destroys 2 (destroying storm) while storm destro...
Creator summons obelisk from grave. Obelisk tributes creator and another monster, obelisk is sacr...
Are you sure? I think it's a card sleeve.
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