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Yay, we can make pure Fire King decks now. I know it's not meta but at least it will be fun.
Yeah, I also prefer building full-archetype deck instead of Sphere Kuriboh - Phenix deck.
Convos need names
Nepthys is still relevant tho
<< Anonymous(Convos need names)
Not what he was saying, at all, but ok.
We don't need Phoenix, we just need Fire Kings! (Although that isn't proving to be very good)
<< Anonymous
Just need garunix and destroy everything alongwith phoenix


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How would he be the next Zane? Please explain.
I still think she should have been a Fusion Monster, since she is the combined form of all 3 Egyp...
Hmm, I think this deck can be made better with today era cards, even if this deck's just goi...
This card basically just becomes strong only if your opponent Normal Summoned a monster, and only...
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