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So we went from a good exclusive reward like Silent this crap? I mean, I like LIGHT attribute supports....but we don't need this one anymore at this point.
Shine Palace isn't amazing, but it's a better card than Silent Paladin is. The only thing Paladin has going for her is art and 2000 DEF.
<< Anonymous
Er, just art. She's 1500 DEF, misremembered. Lol. God she sucks.
lmao, nope. She at least does something unique.

If you just want an ATK boost, use Power of the Guardians, it's much better.
<< Anonymous
"Unique" or not (it's really not unique, Silent Burning, Silent Sword Slash and Monster Reincarnation do its job better), Silent Paladin is significantly less useful than Shine Palace. Paladin uses up a Normal Summon, has ZERO synergy with Silent Magician or Silent Paladin, and doesn't do anything useful even if you DO Summon it AND let it die.
<< Anonymous
Konami is trying their best to give out useful cards to beginners. This card is just for them to add into their blue-eyes structure deck.


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I know it's early, but I really hope they add the independent Ai, really like @ignisters
wtf you talking OP. There no such skill that was officially release with regards to what you'...
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