How to beat/farm Bonz Lvl 40

CA need support 8days ago
Cyber angel deck need more suppor... I think this card should help. Right now... they are tier 3. Please konami release this card
Anoymous 8days ago
Anoymous 8days ago
No that card broken
Anoymous 8days ago
And is 5 star need kuriboh or something
Anoymous 8days ago
A card that can singlehandedly stop your opponent from attacking, gains you life every turn, and comes back from the graveyard while also stealing ace monsters. That's 4 really powerful abilities that most cards don't even have without a downside.
Derp 8days ago
and this card
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 8days ago
The downside are the stats. A 5 star monster for 1000 atk/def.
Anoymous 7days ago
This is a farming page for Bonz go post your Cyber Cancer elsewhere.



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I love this card!
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