Super Joey event

people still doing this event i finished by day 3
not everybody is lucky like you Bitch. Look at most peoples comments about the drops being bad. You got lucky so just stfu and stick those Insights up your ass. FUCK YOU
Well that escalated quickly.
<< Anonymous
No one gives a shit really. Hahaha
Anoymous 31days ago
a shame it did escalate quickly before they realized the OP was merely trolling since they'd be getting very high drop rates and respawns
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 31days ago
It is possible to finish by day 3, if OP got most of the SR from the first event. In fact I finished this event by day 4, as all I need is 3 Insights and 2 Red Eyes Meteor, which I could get 1 for free.


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This deck is still a monster. I'm surprised it's barely used anymore. Everyone seems to...
this card is fine, your the one overreacting , what were u thinking?? just cause u got your ass W...
Im simple. Whe i see Toon Kindom, i surrender already.
first of all that image does not look like photoshopped, whoever said it was is a dickweed and do...
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