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Just a fact
Any future and only possible nerf of Masked Heroes doesn’t matter at all since the deck was viable for almost 8 months.
They can nerf whatever they want, I already built blue eyes with gems.
Anki is an old card
they will never touch anki anyway because it's not broken at all, every month the deck gets weaker and weaker against the new ones. And even if they limit it, it'd be kinda meaningless since it's almost a year since its release lol
<< Anonymous(Anki is an old card)
Even if they still want to hit Anki decks, I bet they'll just gonna hit the main deck D-Heroes lol.

Right now it's still unlikely for them to hit a main box UR.
<< Anonymous
Yeah, right now they're still only willing to hit minibox SR. There are minibox UR and mainbox SR on the way before they are willing to hit mainbox UR.
I think such deck is not going to be limited again, but new upcoming archetypes will overpower it
You are right, they can nerf the deck whenever they want. I already have buster blader.
Honestly guys...
It doesn’t matter if the deck was viable for a Thousand Years. Stupid haters will always complain for no reason and will try to turn people against the game.
It doesn't matter.
I got plenty of gems lol



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