28th Main Box: Witch's Sorcery

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What the staple equip or trap on this one
There's none.
The closest thing to a generic staple on this box is the monster Masked Chameleon.
The battlewasp synchro isn’t. . . Terrible, but isn’t great at all. The spellbook quickplay is generic spellcaster support, Chimeraflessia is a good engine card, the speedroid synchros are generic, weird, but generic. Chain hole will just get better with age. I am pretty sure it could be great once we get more boss monsters with negation.
<< Anonymous
Speedroid synchros are generic, but hampered by other things they have.

Kendama needs Machine for its burn effect and a 2200 ATK piercer is just so-so, Puzzle is a level 4, how many synchro deck can easily summon a level 4 synchro? And Hagoita needs to tribute itself for its effect, meaning you go -3 just for a temporary 1 level boost, plus its revival effect has very specific restrictions.
<< Anonymous
We need Clear Wing, not the Speedroid synchros.
<< Anonymous
In a year or two we will have it. All H e double hockey sticks will break loose, but it will arrive. Along with pendulums, Starving venom, and the rest of D/D. I am terrified for arc-V.
<< Anonymous
Candend 16days ago
Yes. Also their boss monster, Hi-speedroid kitedrake.


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plus u play gilfe for that reason.
if it would be any monster then it would be better.
tell me .what a deck?
Sorry about that. I'll have to look into that more. Truth be told, I've never used magn...
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