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Mako Tsunami
Legendary ocean or umiiruka? They are both usefull
Yami Yugi
Don't care, I defeat you
Yami Yugi
Don't care, I defeat you
For attack boost i always vote umiruka
Hammer shark/levia > legendary ocean

Acqua random beater > Umiiruka
If your running a Levia deck then legendary ocean because it helps you summon Levia with only one tribute but with a shark deck definitely umiiruka
Legendary Ocean probably better you can summon Giga Gagagigo who is 5 star with legendary ocean without a tribute nothing like 2650 attack beater first turn when you end up with legendary ocean and him in your hand. Also levia becomes 1 tribute too.
<< Anonymous(T)
Not sure about Umiiruka being strictly better for Shark decks though. Legendary Ocean allows to summon 4 star monsters, such as, for example, Gagagigo using the effect of Hammer Shark. Even better, if you have 2 Hammer Sharks in your hand plus a random lvl 4 or lower Water monster, you can summon 3 monsters in 1 turn if you have Legendary Ocean on your side of the field.


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