Toon deck (Before 16 Jan)

Just give veteran 1 UR jewel and give us who doesn't have Toon DMG 1 copy of this card Konami.
UR jewel is a complete joke for veteran
<< Anonymous
Who cares, 1 UR jewel is just an excuse because lots of people missed Toon DMG. 1 UR jewel for veteran and 1 Toon DMG for whoever doesn't have it yet is best decision.
<< Anonymous
Or just add toon DMG on card trader just like toon summoned skull so we can get multiple copy
well good new news we can get another copy of TDMG atleast :p
<< Anonymous(MrTommo999)
Yeah and I didn't choose her, so 🔥 me right? I don't have 1 toon DMG and Konami won't revert my ticket choice so im quitting the game.


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I bought the Reinforcement of the Army bundle but the card is not in my inventory...?
U can bounce your opponent
There is a skill to solve this issue
"You can add 1 "Salamangreat" Normal Spell from your Deck to your hand." O...
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